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Blinds by DB: Get inspired by the latest Wood Blinds and window Coverings in Regina

Comfortex's Newport Basswood blinds are perfect for someone who wants the style of a faux wood blind, but wants something a little nicer, and/or a lot lighter. The most sustainable blind or shade material is basswood, which is currently growing three times as quickly as it is harvested.

Although they are a bit more expensive than faux wood blinds, they are still a lower-cost product. Style-wise, wood blinds punch well above their weight class. They are a great way to get something very attractive, yet affordable without looking like you went the "cheap route".

With a few valance choices, slat sizes, decorative tapes, and even cordless and motorized tilt options, there's nothing "cookie cutter" about these - you can really put your own stamp on them.

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Product Customizations



Motorized Blinds

Somfy motors eliminate the need for tilt cords and allow for easy tilt control at the touch of a button. Tilt motors and Cordless hardware may be combined to eliminate all cords for superior convenience, function and safety.




Cordless Hardware

Cordless hardware provides a streamlined look for 2-inch slat Newport Woods Blinds.


Cordless Lift & Lock™ Option

Newport Woods Basswood Blinds are available with Cordless Lift & Lock™ hardware system. Cordless Lift & Lock blinds can be raised and lowered by pressing the button located in the bottom rail and guiding the rail into the desired location.


Cord Control


Standard Wood Blind Hardware

This cord lock shade allows you to raise and lower the shade by pulling on the single cord. The blind may be stopped at any point. A wand or cord tilt is available to open and close the wood slats.


Design Options


Crown Valance

A valance with a classic look on all Woodwinds Wood Alloy Blinds.


Decorative Valance

A stylish valance completes the look of a Newport Woods Blind and Piccolo Faux Wood Blinds.


Orleans Valance

The ribbed detailing on the 3″ Orleans valance is standard with all Weathered Blinds. The Orleans valance is optional in all Smooth finish colors.


Province Valance

The 3″ Province valance provides a contemporary finish to any blind. The Province valance is optional with all Smooth finish colors.


Chatham Valance

The 4″ Chatham valance provides visual balance on larger windows. The Chatham valance is optional with all Smooth finish colors.


Keystone Valance Option

Optional decorative keystone adds a contemporary touch and additional dimention to any Newport Wood Basswood valance. Keystones conceal the splices on oversized valances or can add a decorative accent to any valance. A keystone will not affect the width of the overall width of the valance. Decorative keystone can be ordered with a tape valance, the tape will not be placed on the keystone. The tape will butt up to it on each side


Decorative Tape Valance Option

Add a finishing touch to your Newport Wood Basswood Blind by selecting a decorative cloth tape to your valance.


Rounded Corners

Offers a softer look on Newport Woods Blinds.



Routed blinds will feature a cord that runs through a hole drilled in the slat.



Routeless blinds will feature ladder braids or tapes that wrap around the slat.


Trapezoidal-Style Bottom Rail

Offers a contemporary look on all Woodwinds Wood Alloy Blinds, Newport Woods Basswood Blinds and all Piccolo Faux Wood Blinds.


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