Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q)

Q: Do you have those ones that come down from the top?
A: This is actually the most frequently asked question. About half our sales conversations start with this question. The answer is yes. That feature is called "Top-Down Bottom-up" and it is an option that can be added to our cellular and roman shades. We can now order these shades with a motor as well.

Q: How long do blinds take to arrive?
A: They typically take about three weeks. Occasionally they can take a month, but it hasn't been that common lately. More often they arrive very soon after ordering, in the 10-14 day range. We've even had an order arrive in just 7 days! If the usual time frame doesn't work for you, we may be able to order on a rush basis.

Q: How much do blinds cost?
A: That is a very difficult question to answer on a general basis. We sell eight main styles of blinds, all of which come with different prices. Size also makes a big difference. Each style of blinds comes with a choice of fabric or slat style/size. Most styles also have further customizability such as cordless, motorization, routeless, decorative tapes, valances, designer hardware, top-down and more. All of these will affect the price. Lastly, the more blinds we order for you at one time, the better value we can offer you, so the "per window" price will drop as the number of windows increases.
Long story short, if you are ordering a dozen small faux wood blinds, you could be paying as little as $150 a blind. On the other hand, if ordering just one motorized sheer shade to cover a large picture window, that one shade could be over $1200. Most orders are not close to either extreme. If ordering an average number of shades, for average sized windows, in mid-cost styles (cellular, roller, banded), with a couple of upgrades, your order is likely to be in the $300-$400 per blind range.
For more information, feel free to play with the quote estimator on this site. But the best way to get a definite answer would be to call us for a free measurement. We will measure every window that you need covered, and help you select the shades that best meet your needs and budget.

Q: Do you travel to ________?
A: We will travel anywhere to get the job, and we don't charge for the travel, either.
Within one hour of Regina, we'll drive out for a free measurement, and then after you've ordered we'll drive out again to install your blinds.
If you live further than an hour away from Regina, we'll still drive to you at no charge twice, but we'd prefer to do it only if necessary. We would therefore rely on you to measure your windows (please see our blog post on how to properly measure), and a general idea of what you're looking for. We can then provide a quote by email, and if you are fairly sure you'd like to go ahead, we will visit your home to show you samples and second-check your measurements.

Q: What is the quality of your blinds?
A: The majority of the blinds and shades we sell are made by Comfortex Window Fashions in New York. Comfortex is a high-end manufacturer and is an independent subsidiary of Hunter Douglas, who is the company that anyone thinks of when they think of high quality blinds. Comfortex's quality is exceeded by only Hunter Douglas. I don't say that lightly or arbitrarily - in addition to sales, I install blinds for a number of other companies in Regina, and have seen at least a dozen other brands and various styles produced by those brands. None are quite up to Comfortex's level of quality.
That said, Comfortex is like many other manufacturers of products, and within their product lines, they have entry level, mid tier, and premium grade products to suit anyone's tastes and budget.

Q: What is your warranty?
A: When installed in a home, blinds By DB warranties all products sold for life. This covers you as long as you live in the home they are installed in. Comfortex has a very solid warranty themselves (see here: but in the event that they do not cover your product, we will.
In the event that a blind is having issues, we will first schedule a service call to inspect it and try to repair it. If this cannot be done, we'll reorder a replacement for you at no charge. You can keep your blind in the meantime - there's no need for you to go without a blind while waiting for your replacement.
When installed in a business, we can't offer free replacement for the life of the blind. Due to the much heavier usage, we can only follow Comfortex's timelines. But we will always be available for service calls and parts replacement.

Q: Do you take down my old blinds? 
A: Yes. If you order from Blinds By DB, the removal and disposal of your old blinds is always done for you, at no charge.

Q: Do you clean up afterwards?
A: Yes. I take all paper and cardboard to the blue bin for recycling, and everything else to the garbage. The only things I'll leave behind are your new blinds.

Q: What payment methods do you accept?
A: We accept cash, check, e-transfer, credit cards, and from local business owners we also accept TRADEdollars through Barterpay.

Q: How do I know what the products will look like in my home?
A: We will spend as much time with you as necessary to help match product styles, textures and colors to your decor. The samples we bring to your home are usually sufficient for this purpose, but we also have a showroom at 1646 Albert Street, where you can see nearly 40 sample blinds (both small and full sized). Between these sample blinds, we have a working example of nearly every product and feature that we offer.

Q: How safe are your blinds for children and pets?
A: As safe as you would like to make them. While there is a corded option for every style of blind, we highly recommend you spend the small extra amount for the cordless option, or get the ultimate in safety and convenience: motorization. Every type of blind that we sell can either be made cordless or motorized, or either one. If you prefer to get a cord, there are always child and pet safety devices that can be attached to the cords.

Q: Is there a shade that allows you to see out while others cannot see in?
A: Unfortunately, there is no such thing as a one-way shade. Any shade that has some degree of openness to it (sheer shades and most rollers and romans) will allow the darker side to see through to the brighter side. Using our samples, we can demonstrate this to you in your home to help you find the right shade for you.

Q: How do you clean the shades?
A: Wood and faux wood blinds can be wiped of dust with a damp cloth.
Banded, rollers and romans hang perfectly vertically and collect no dust and should require no maintenance unless an incident occurs.
Cellular and Oddysee shades hang almost perfectly vertically and are naturally anti-static which will resist dust very effectively, but can't repel 100% of dust. Once a year, push them all the way up and just use the nozzle attachment of your vaccuum. After a few passes, whatever has collected on the pleats should be gone.
Sheer shades have large vanes that can occasionally trap debris and dead bugs. Use compressed air or a hair dryer set to cool, to blow this debris out.
In the event of an incident that falls outside the range of normal use, take your blinds to Professional Blinds on Scarth  Street in Regina. Their prices are very reasonable and they will know exactly what to do in your particular situation.