On a handful of occasions, I’ve been told by a satisfied customer, “We chose you because no one else would travel out here.” That never fails to surprise me.

If you are a business that offers free consultations, it does nobody any good to set an artificial limit on how far you will travel to help a customer. Not everyone who wants your products lives within a convenient five mile radius of your store.

At Blinds By DB, we want your business, no matter where you are. We will work for it and we will drive for it…. Anywhere. Well, almost. It depends on how many blinds you are looking for. Typically, we’ll go anywhere within one hour of Regina for any consultation or install, but that is by no means our limit. We’ve traveled as much as 3 hours away to impress customers and win jobs.

Those were larger jobs, of course.  Smaller jobs can still be discussed, though – for example, you can help by performing the measurements yourself. One thing will never change: Blinds By DB will not charge you for travel. We are honored that you are considering us for your window covering needs, and are happy to drive to you for your convenience.

If you’re from outside Regina and wondering what Blinds By DB can do to help, give us a call or drop us a line. We respond to all inquiries very quickly and have plenty of appointment times available to accommodate travel.

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