As you are likely aware, Blinds By DB is currently a one-man show. I am that one man. My wife Amanda helps out at trade shows, but otherwise, I handle all aspects of the business. You may be wondering where I got the skills and experience that allow me to survive in the world of small business.

Like most 16-20 year olds, I worked at a variety of jobs in a short time. None of them lasted very long, and not always was that by my own choice. But my first relevant experience was as a delivery driver at Domino’s Pizza. I was there from 2001 until 2005. “Pizza delivery relevant to blinds?”, you’re thinking. “That’s a stretch!” well, kinda, but most things you do when young have a part in setting you on your current path. As a pizza delivery driver, I dealt with the general public every day. I showed up at as many as 40 different homes in one night. I needed to know my way around the city and the best way to get somewhere. Domino’s had very strict rules about image, which instilled in me a good sense of what is considered presentable. I also sold pizzas to people leaving local nightclubs on Saturday nights for most of my tenure there. This was my first sales experience and I enjoyed it.

In 2002, I began working at the CIBC Call Centre. My experience selling pizza was quite likely why they took a chance on me. The job was very difficult to begin with, and I hadn’t yet developed the work ethic I have now, and I believe I was nearly fired on a few occasions in my first six months. But for some reason they stuck with me, and I repaid their faith with excellent performance for three years. In 2003, I was fourth in the competitive and difficult Outbound department – something I am still very proud of. By the time I left CIBC in 2005, sales was like second nature to me. Naturally, the job also taught me a great deal about finance.

When I left CIBC, I ended up at Great-West Life, and nothing I had done in the past was particularly relevant to my new job processing 401(k) disbursement requests. Like in my past job, my early performance was nearly termination-worthy, but I worked hard, pulled through and before I knew it, I was promoted. Then I was promoted two more times, and in 2011 I became an assistant manager. This experience would be very helpful to anyone – the customer service, the troubleshooting, the paperwork, the spreadsheets, the whole idea of being the person in charge. I loved it and I was good at it too.

But my brother Dan knew I could be more, and starting in 2013 I began to accompany him on blinds quotes and installs, to start accumulating experience in his line of work. I got to see the sales conversations first hand, write up quotes, get used the features of benefits of every product, and especially how to install each blind properly. When I felt I was seasoned enough, I took the plunge and left Great-West, and began selling blinds full-time. In 2016 I bought the business and have never looked back.

However, for me, selling blinds is not a 40 hour per week job (this is just a nice way of saying I don’t sell enough!). So I began to install blinds on the side for other companies to keep busy. Some local names you would recognize include Alford’s, Home Depot, Costco, and directly for Hunter Douglas as well. That’s only a partial list of everyone I’ve worked for and still continue to work for. I keep picking up more clients because I do good work, and word gets around.

I believe Blinds By DB is the best overall value for blinds in the city, and that’s because of our supplier. The quality of Comfortex’s products is almost as high as that of Hunter Douglas, and sometimes equal, but the prices are much lower. On the other side of the coin, what we sell is much nicer than what you’ll typically get from a big box store, and not significantly more expensive. The reason I am mentioning this now is, I want you to know that I know what I’m talking about. My extensive experience installing blinds for other companies makes me uniquely qualified to make such statements. You name a major blinds brand, I’ve seen them. I’ve installed and removed Hunter Douglas, Levelor, Graber, Jackson, Maxxmar, Shade-o-matic, Springs Window Fashions, Bali and more. I’ve seen it all and I think Comfortex is the best value for the price point. If I had seen differently, I’d have switched suppliers by now.

You owe it to yourself to call Blinds By DB for a free measurement. That way you get to check out our samples in person! There are dozens of places in town where you can buy all the brands mentioned above, but we are the only retailer of Comfortex Window Fashions in Regina. Instead of more of the same, check out something unique and high-end, yet affordable.

And if you don’t end up buying your blinds from me, there’s a fair chance it will still be me installing them for another company!

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