Technically, we sell blinds and shades at Blinds By DB. What’s the difference? Does it even matter? Well actually, no it doesn’t, but here is the official answer:

Blinds have slats on them. Think of venetian blinds (often called “miniblinds” or similar styles such as wood and faux wood), or the most commonly seen vertical style blinds with the series of slats hanging down from a track on the top. The defining characteristic of blinds is, when they are drawn all the way down, and the slats are open, you can still see through them. You are able to control how open or closed those slats are, in order to control the level of light getting through, and achieve the desired level of privacy.

Shades are just about everything that is not blinds. The defining characteristic is that they don’t have slats. Think of roller shades, roman shades, banded shades , and cellular shades. They are in one continuous piece and not separated into individual slats. Although they are in one piece, this does not mean you can’t see through them when drawn closed (like with blinds). It depends on the openness of the material used. Roller & roman shades can be produced with materials that are opaque or translucent, and banded and sheer shades have both at the same time. But they’re still shades because they don’t have literal slats.

What about sheer? It’s one continuous piece, but it also has “slats” of sorts – the usually opaque vanes that can open or close suspended between two layers of sheer material. Is that a blind or a shade? According to my research they’re much more commonly referred to as shades than as blinds, although admittedly they’re somewhat of a gray area.

A real gray area is Comfortex’s unique Odysee blind. According to the definitions above, it is both a shade and a blind. When the slats are open, it looks similar to a venetian, wood or faux wood blind, but close those slats and it suddenly looks like a 1” cell cellular shade. I lean towards calling it a blind, but if sheers are considered shades, then I could be convinced either way with the Odysee. To see one in action (with rechargeable remote-controlled motor), check out our showroom at 1646 Albert Street.

But what you should really take away from all of this is, it doesn’t really matter. The two terms are considered practically interchangeable. Although I’m slowly changing my ways, I frequently refer to all blinds and shades just as “blinds”. Think of perhaps the best-known window coverings store in Regina: Superblinds. Even their own name only contains the word “blinds” in it, despite the fact that the majority of what they sell are technically shades. If you ask me, the word “shades” doesn’t really need to be used to distinguish them from blinds, and if we all used the word “blinds” colloquially from now on to mean “blinds and shades”, we’d still get the point across just fine.

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