Cellular Shades

Blinds by DB: Regina's best value on Cellular Shades 

Often referred to as "honeycomb" or "accordion" style, they are our best-selling and best all-around shade. Why are cellular shades so popular? They're modern, simple, light, easy to operate and so customizable to suit your exact needs

Cellular shades are the most energy efficient style of shades on the market. When closed, their cells trap a pocket of air which acts as an insulator, making a noticeable difference in the comfort level of your room.

Choose from a wide range of fabrics - light filtering/blackout, single/double cell, multiple cell sizes, and of course hundreds of color options. There's even a vertical style for your patio door. Universally appealing, you can't go wrong with cellular.


Energy Efficient

Easy to Operate

Highly Customizable

Low Maintentance

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Color Swatch


Standard Colors

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Color Lux Program

These shades can be ordered in 800 additional colors by taking advantage of our Color Lux program

Product Customizations




A remote control or wall mounted switch controls a motor within the shade or blind. The motor raises and lowers the window treatment. Can be programmed. 29 coordinating rail colors and end caps create a seamless, stylish look from top to bottom.

PowerTouch™ Rechargeable Motorized Cellular Shades

PowerTouch™ Rechargeable Motorized Shades are the perfect battery powered option for the budget savvy consumer. The wand and pendant operation lifts and lowers the shade with the touch of a button.

Simplicity Wave Rechargeable Motorization

Simplicity Wave Rechargeable Motorized shades are exclusive to Color Lux shades only. It features a battery powered motor utilizing a rechargeable battery. You can raise and lower the shade with the wave of a wand. Great for out of reach windows. Exact match soft fabric wrapped rails make color-coordinating your hardware a breeze.

Motorized Top – Down Bottom Up

Lower or raise your shades from the top or bottom all with the push of a button. Modern convenience without any operating cords.



Cordless Ultra

Perfect for Child Safety or when no visible cords are desired. 29 coordinating rail colors and end caps create a seamless, stylish look from top to bottom.

Cordless Lift & Lock™

Cordless Lift & Lock Shades can be raised or lowered by pressing the button located on the bottom rail and guiding the rail into the desired location. Children and pets have safer surroundings in homes that have window shades without operating cords, reducing the risk of strangulation.Choose Color Coordinated (no charge upgrade) or upgrade to fabric wrapped rails or Oil Rubbed Bronze rails

Cordless Top Down-Bottom Up (Duofold)

A combination of the Top Down – Bottom Up shade and the Cordless shade, Cordless Top Down-Bottom Up Cellular Shades offer minimal cords and a clear, unobstructed view. 29 coordinating rail colors and end caps create a seamless, stylish look from top to bottom.

Cord Control


Standard Rectangular

This cord lock shade allows you to raise and lower the shade by pulling on the single cord. Shade may be stopped at any point.

Cord Loop

This is a cord loop operating system. The cord loop is pulled in a circular motion to raise or lower the shade. 29 coordinating rail colors and end caps create a seamless, stylish look from top to bottom.

Design Options


Top Down Bottom Up (Duofold)

This system allows you to raise the shade from the bottom up or lower the shade from the top down. Available in corded and cordless options.

Insulating SlumberShades™

Comfortex Insulating SlumberShades™ feature several insulating honeycomb fabric options with an integrated side track system that seals off the gaps between the shades and windows to create a solid insulating barrier to drafts.

Day Night

This shade allows two fabrics to be combined in one shade, allowing you a “day” look and “night” privacy look.

StrataView™ for Color Lux Cellular Shades only

StrataView is a dual panel shade with a sheer top and your choice of Color Lux fabric as the bottom panel. Available with cord control, cordless and motorized options.

Two on One Headrail

This option allows two separate shades to be built on one head rail. Perfect for large window openings with multiple windows. Available in corded and cordless options.

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