"Our experience with Blinds by DB Exteriors was very good. We appreciated the cost effective, friendly and professional service.  We purchased blinds for all the windows in our two-storey house and they look fantastic.  We will be a repeat customer."

- Gloria Koch, Owner TG Associates Consulting Inc.


The blinds we purchased through DB Exteriors are practical, yet elegant. The translucent blinds allow the perfect amount of sunlight through while allowing for privacy. The pull cords are easy to use as they allow for a level lift effortlessly. The room darkening shades are just that, even with direct sunlight on our bedroom early in the morning we are able to sleep in comfortably. Both the room darkening shade and the translucent shade were available in colours that accented our decor perfectly. We recommend the option for a top down shade. The ability to again, allow sunlight into our home and yet enjoy privacy is priceless. Our home is much more complete with the addition of our cellular blinds"

- Bettina Welsh


"I contacted Dan by referral from a friend.  From start to finish, Dan was very friendly and professional.  His products and services were unsurpassed.  I chose high-end window blinds which I had previously price compared at the major dealers in the area.  Dan's quote came in at a fraction of the average price.  I received the exact product that I ordered and have been very happy with the product and the install."

- Joe Rieger


"Service was great very honest, excellent price way cheaper than everyone else but still keeping the quality up. Its very nice to hear a few weeks after the install that you wanted to know how they were working and everything. Excellent work! would recommend to anyone!"

- Shaun Sullivan


By getting my blinds through DB Exteriors I was able to purchase higher-quality, cordless blinds for less than I would have paid for corded blinds with another company.  Daniel ensured that, as his customer, I was getting the best deal.

- Jennie Hall


The first set of blinds we bought ended up going so well, that we bought some for another set of window a couple months later.  You did everything you could to help us pick out what would work the best for us, and to get it in a timely manner.  We will definitely be coming back when we are ready for the next ones :)

- Teri and Stacey Upton